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At Scitech Horizons, we are catalysts for progress, dedicated to transforming groundbreaking ideas into tangible advancements. Our multidimensional approach encompasses science communication, funding application expertise, grantsmanship, business development, and comprehensive analyses and mapping of stakeholders. Additionally, we specialize in facilitating medtech access to health services, ensuring innovations seamlessly integrate into the healthcare landscape.

Laboratory Scientist


At SciTech Horizons, we see how quickly innovation is developing that could revolutionise the healthcare field. But the pace of change within the sector and actual practice cannot possibly keep up - and this can be frustrating to anyone trying to make change. We want to see change happen in our industry, and know how important support is to companies trying to navigate the UK's complex funding and implementation landscape.

Our consultants are experts in their fields, helping to develop patient-centred research, and finding funding for these projects. Years of experience within the NHS and beyond means that they can help you understand the local and national environment, and put your company in the best position to access procurement and implementation. 

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Senior Consultant

Amber is truly one-of-a-kind. As a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, she founded the conference Building Bridges in Medical Science which is still going strong more than a decade later. a background in medical statistics and a particular interest in the microbiome, she has expertise in cross- your go-to source for any question you might have.

Amber also offers individual health coaching using real time scientific data. For more information, see Health In Real Time


Senior Consultant

An incredibly valued asset to our team, Andy Sharpe is an incredibly well networked project manager and PPIE expert. He is also an expert in public grants — and plays a crucial role in the functions of SciTech Horizons. With a keen belief in the power of entrepreneurship and the healthcare sector, Andy Sharpe is committed to changing the world.

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Communications Consultant

An expert in all things video, with many years of managing campaigns and digital products, Josh Newman can help you simply complicated messages to reach the audience you need to influence. Whether it's helping to support a grant application or creating greater impact for research or sales for a medtech product. 

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